Custom Studio: The Best Jewelry App for Retail Customers

Custom Studio blog Atlanta Georgia

Custom Studio blog Atlanta Georgia

Custom Studio’s innovative jewelry app is delivering a high-tech revolution as retailers and consumers enjoy easily creating custom jewelry at the tip of their fingers. The industry’s best jewelry app allows retail stores’ customers to design or redesign pieces to their own specifications, creating exactly the piece desired by downloading the app on their laptop or mobile device.

There’s nothing on the market like the Custom Studio app, offered by Star Gems, a leading diamond importer/jewelry manufacturer based near Atlanta. The app’s Edit button makes designing fun and simple even for a jewelry novice. It’s as easy as connecting with a participating retailer, who links the consumer’s device to the app. From there, consumers can play with their choice of thousands of Star Gems designs or even designs discovered and downloaded from the Internet.

With a click of a button, the “designer” chooses among many colors, stone shapes, shanks, halos and metal fillers, clicking and dragging elements onto the image of a ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings. Consumers can even draw on the design, inserting engraving or their own handwriting.

With the Share button, consumers can take a piece they’ve created and share it with friends and family for reaction and input. The Share button is useful for retailers as well as they can send brilliant, high-res images with SKU number to their customers.

Other features include an Appointment button, allowing customers to set up in-store appointments directly through Custom Studio. The app, when used in a retail store, also creates a universal, shared communication portal with store employees picking up messages and responding without delay.


The internal message system within the app links the retailer to customers, providing direct communication and collaboration. Retailers can broadcast messages to the store’s customer base, making the app an excellent tool for advertising.

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